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  • 14 July 2021
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NEWS | Flow ✨
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Hello, dear community :blush:8cnvzw_yh6dbCZZ20mE9PAyKi0brinr9FJ_7jEz9qJLHLwRZDcOYJ-TTanaFQTxnr2J9DP4Uvu7t0n0seLTN8sn8WFw3OWpEGP7yyuBaqlPiHHD270H_6THACwoEl8BYalsHGgc9


I am an Associate Product Manager here at Pipefy and I am here to announce that we have released the beta version of the Flow. ✨


The Flow is a new and improved way for users to see the processes holistically, from beginning to end, and facilitate users' understanding of Pipefy. To access it you need to have admin permission on the pipe and open your pipe settings. 


Initially, the Flow shows you the start form/public form, the phases, and their fields showing the pipe in a more uniform and connected way. The feature also allows you to go to the edition and it shows the movements within phases. Although for now, the Flow is more visual, we are still working on improvements for it. 🚀


Please send us your feedback and improvement suggestions, it helps us a lot to improve the product every day.


Thank you! 🌹

8 replies

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so excited with this launch! :heart_eyes:

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@Sarah Lane @genietim @Eduardo Kano @Lucas Democh @ivan.novofoco @Ezequiel Souza @rebeca.venancio check out!

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I guess this could become an amazingly useful feature! For now, the capabilities are somewhat limited, and I would have a few wishes:

  • - There is a link to directly edit a phase. Would be nice if the “move to” selection could be edited as easily/directly.
  • - There is a “automations” section, but it does not add any value currently. Neither are the actual automations listed nor is the section hidden when no automations create cards.
  • - It would be useful to see also e.g., automations listed that are related to the move of cards
  • - It would be useful to see the relations of conditionals of fields (and, if automations were listed, of those too)
  • - When my flow is bigger than the screen, and I have a phase move from one phase to another one where they do not fit both on the screen, I have no way to know the relation as I need to hover over one to see its relations

Keep up the amazing work!

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Amazing work, @Nicole Chiroli and team! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Looking forward for the next improvements!

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Hello, Tim (@genietim)!

Thank you so much for the feedback. Some of the points you raised are already on our radar, but thank you for giving a lot of feedback so we can have more direction on where to go from here. 

I myself am very biased hahaha but I also see a lot of potential in this feature and I’m excited to see what it’s going to turn out in the future. 🎉

We’ll continue to work on improvements for it. Thank you so much again! 

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This is very cool @Nicole Chiroli and team! I’m a fan of Visio diagrams, so this reminds me a lot of those.


I agree with @genietim that seeing our automations or conditionals somehow listed on this page would be great (rather than having to go to the automations section separately). Personally, I use a lot of automations to move cards to different phases based on certain conditions. It’d be cool to see those visualized on the Flow somehow. To really show how our process can go from A to B or A to C depending on certain conditionals and automations. 


I’d also prefer that the lines connecting the phases were visible by default. Having to hover over a phase to see what it’s connected to feels like an unnecessary step.


Lots of potential here!

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Ohh thats super cool and usefull

I am already imagine what i can do with data stuff from the process :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Happy and excited 

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So glad to hear it, @tsartori.

We are already working on more improvements for it. Hope you'll enjoy it! :blush: