📱 News | Mobile Apps Notifications Area

  • 7 July 2021
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📱 News | Mobile Apps Notifications Area
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I am here to tell you we are releasing the notifications area on our mobile apps, both Android and iOS.


Now, you will be able to visualize and interact with the notifications and keep up with the most recent changes of the cards and other pipe actions. We know this was a very important feature gap for many mobile users and now we have this properly working also on mobile.


We will keep improving our mobile apps so they support all of Pipefy’s capabilities and empower you. Please reach us in case you have doubts, questions, suggestions or if you just want to talk. And keep using our mobile apps to do your thing.


You can see more about it on this article.


4 replies

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I don’t personally use the mobile app (yet), but this sounds like a great improvement! Thank you and your team for working on it!

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Thanks a lot for your reply @Sarah Lane ! Please use it and give us your feedback, we would love to see you using. Thanks!

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Congratulations on this release, @Diogo Matheus and team! It improved a lot on efficiency when having to perform quick or urgent actions on the cards though the App, either feeling information or commenting/tagging people. 

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Congrats for the effort and thank you for the implementation