Pipefy Email | Learn all about the new Shared Inbox from Pipefy

  • 15 June 2021
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Pipefy Email | Learn all about the new Shared Inbox from Pipefy
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We're proud to announce Pipefy has improved how to work and collaborate through email.


We know many processes start with an email, making inboxes central to teams’ information and interactions.

Now, when logging into Pipefy, you will see a new tab on the navigation bar called “Emails.” There, you will be able to set up shared inboxes like contact@company.com, sales@company.com, billing@company.com, and centralize all communication shared between team members, suppliers, and anyone you need to interact with.


This new view ensures:

  • More productivity through automation and integration capabilities

  • Better collaboration with team members, customers and vendors

  • Less context switching by centralizing information in a single place

  • More visibility so no emails fall through the cracks


Send and read emails within Pipefy, see which cards emails are connected to, assign team members to take care of them, and more.


Set up your team's inbox on Pipefy by clicking on “Emails” on the pipe header.


Learn more about Shared Inbox in the help article.

3 replies

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Amazing, Lari. Thanks a million for sharing it with the community! 

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We love this news.
It greatly improved the view of emails, it is clearer.

Pipefy needs a way to interact with sharepoint or dropbox natively so email attachments can be filed, linked to internally and worked on.  User’s would be prompted for their own credentials to their dropbox or sharepoint resources and pipedrive would inherit their view and permissions.

Pipefy shouldn’t save documents, this would be redundant. 

This way corporate permissions stay intact.