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We are happy to announce that the Pipefy mobile app has a new update available. See what changes:


New features 


Colored Pipes and Phases
Pipes and phases are now dynamically colored. When a user sets a color for a pipe or a phase in the Kanban at the web application, the mobile app automatically updates to the same color.


Conditionals for the current phase
The users can now visualize conditionals in the current phase using the mobile app.


Search bar for table and pipe connections
Search for information from a connection between the table and the pipe is no longer an issue; with the new search bar, the user can find the information by writing what they are looking for.


The newest versions of the app are v2.0.2701 (iOS) and v2.3.5 (Android).


Update your Pipefy mobile App and access all of these new features by clicking on the links below: 




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Super cool news to close the week. 


Thanks for sharing Lari! \o/

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So happy to see database / pipe connection features in the app, finally. I believe you should now be able to mark the following idea as implemented: https://community.pipefy.com/ideas/database-connection-fields-in-mobile-app-838