Pipefy Summit 2022 | Finding a way forward by building processes you can trust.

  • 7 November 2022
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Pipefy Summit 2022  | Finding a way forward by building processes you can trust.
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We are excited to officially welcome you to Pipefy Summit 2022 - Building processes you can trust. 


What is Pipefy Summit? 

On December 7th, get ready for a day full of panels, learnings, networking, and fun! In our 3rd edition, Pipefy’s process excellence experts and guests will share their best practices and insights into how to automate processes and optimize workflows in order to save money, conserve IT resources, and improve efficiency. 


Who should attend?


Pipefy Summit is designed for  professionals who want to help their teams achieve operational excellence and build processes they can trust. more about how low-code platforms can drive efficiency and provide solutions to empower your team to create and control business processes, eliminating manual work. 


Whether you are just beginning your digital transformation journey or you’re looking to solve a complex process orchestration problem — this event is for you! 


What to expect in 2022


• Get inspired by our speakers and leaders covering today’s key issues and trends.


• Interact with the audience and connect with peers, sharing lessons learned and best practices. 


• Get together with the Pipefy Team and automate your workflows with innovation, cost reduction, and an error-proof customer and employee experience.

Stay on top of everything: visit our wesite and bokk your spot! 

Portuguese version. 

3 replies

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I have already signed up! I can't wait to start this Summit, it's going to be amazing!!!

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It’s going to be fantastic!! 

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Confirmed presence. 👍