Share your App Integration Ideas!

  • 16 April 2024
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Share your App Integration Ideas!
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We're thrilled to announce a big update in the Pipefy Community: the Share your App Integration Ideas! section. Now, it's your time to shine and directly influence the future of Pipefy integrations.


We want to turn your creativity into reality! Imagine being able to integrate Pipefy with the tools that make your professional life easier. Now you can make it happen by sharing your ideas with us.


Together, we can create an even more powerful and personalized experience in Pipefy!🚀


👉🏻Don't miss this opportunity to be part of this co-creation and innovation process! Join us in the Share your App Integration Ideas section and be part of the transformation.

We can't wait to see your brilliant ideas!


2 replies

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wow, great news. I'll post my list soon 😀

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It’s so great!!! Thanks for sharing.