The New Template Store is here! 🛠

  • 10 June 2020
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The New Template Store is here! 🛠
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Hello, doers! I have awesome news to share with you today!


The new Template Store is here! :heart:


Pipefy’s Template Store is the place for you to find plug-and-play process templates to hit the ground running and quickly bring efficiency to your team.
In this new version, you will find:

  • Improved and brand new templates based on the best practices of top companies around the world
  • New categories to help you easily find what you’re looking for
  • A refreshed, more intuitive look

I would love to hear your thoughts about it :grin:



6 replies

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YAAAY! Loved it!

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It's beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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Nice view and greats have new segment

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Amazing news! :grin:

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Are there any plans on offering private template stores?

For instance, I would like to provide my organization with specific templates. The public store has great examples, but those need to be tailored to specific business rules and being able to save tailored templates, reuse and offer them to the rest of a private organization would be very valuable.

I know this would be possible using the API, but I think it is something that would merit a UI front :)

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Hello @gbdoin  

Really good feecback. We’ll include that in the report for our product team.  =)