💫 Automation to move parent card

  • 12 July 2023
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💫 Automation to move parent card
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This type of automation is ideal when you want to move the parent card after the child card has reached a certain phase in the process.

👉🏼What do I need to start the automation?
First you must have both pipes created, and with fields created as well. After that you need to connect the pipes, and have connected cards being created in the child pipe.

⚠️Important for automation operation!
For the proper operation of the movement of the parent card, there must be no obstacles to moving the phase card. For example, a required field in the current parent card phase can’t be empty, or the current parent card phase must not allow the card to move to the phase indicated in the automation.


👉🏼How do I create automation?

You can choose from different triggers, like the one in the example below: "A card enters a phase". The automation will be created in the child pipe, as shown in the image:

Now you will set the automation action: "Move the parent card". You must select the parent pipe, and also the phase to which you want the card to be moved. In this example we want the card to be moved to the "Done" phase.

Based on the example above, we get the card in the image below as a result of this automation. The child card has been moved to the "Doing" phase, and the parent card (which is connected to the child) has been moved to the "Done" phase, as recorded on the cards.


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