Copying Cards Between Organizations (Triggers or Import)

  • 19 May 2021
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If you work with different organizations and need a connection between them, these two integration flows can help you a lot.


The flows were built using Integromat:


1) Copy based on triggers.

Example: When a card form is moved in organization X, create a card in organization Y:



Integromat's integration modules are very flexible and exploit all Pipefy APIS. The difference is that in Integromat, you were able to select different Pipes in each module, even if they are in other organizations:



2) Copy all the cards in a given phase or pipe from company X to company Y. This automation can be done only once or can be programmed based on periods. If importing is required only once, you can also do it via Importer (Standard Pipefy Application):



In the examples I made the simplest possible flows. They can be improved with other steps, transformations and filters.


If you have questions about how to create Pipefy integration flows with Integromat, you can call me.


My Integromat partner link is If you use it, it helps me a lot.

1 reply

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Awesome tips, Lucas! Thanks for sharing it with the community.