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Jump from one pipe to another

  • 13 July 2020
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Jump from one pipe to another
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Do you have the pain that every time you need to change pipes, you need to go to the home page, search for a pipe and then access  it? 


There’s a much easier way to “jump” between pipes. For that, you only need to the Pipe’s ID number!


To find a Pipe ID number is pretty easy, you just need to access  the pipe and tha last numerical digits  at your internet browser URL.


For example:



if you are working one Pipe and want to jump to another one, you just need to change the ID number in the URL. 


In the example below, I switch between the  purchase process and  help desk process.





  • Make sure you save all your work before leaving from one pipe to another! 

  • The same logic also applies to cards, Databases, automation rules and so on.


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3 replies

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Very cool!

I use this feature a lot to switch between orgs.

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In addition to this browsing by ID, I always advise my customers to save the main Pipes in their browser bookmarks.

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Very Good!