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  • 21 February 2023
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I am using (ex Integromat) to download info for all cards in a Pipe. This info includes card ID, parent relations and all card fields.


I have tested different modules that List Cards and Execute GraphQL queries. However, in all cases, I only get 50 results (bundles). And the issue is there are over 3k cards in a pipe.


Could you please recommend a way to get around this limitation and get the full info for all cards in a pipe at once?




Total number of bundles: 50



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Hi @bojan-ketosource, how are you?
We have pagination so you can see all cards within the phase. The current limit of cards/records shown is 30 cards per phase and 50 cards per pipe.
You will set the pageInfo attribute and it will return the "endcursor", with the endcursor you can see the other cards within that phase, putting it as an argument in the "after" command.

You can get more information abouit it here 😉

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Integomat/make is not the ideal tool to extract such a large volume of data, but it is possible to pull more than 50 cards.

For this, in the LIST CARDS module, check if the ORDER parameter is set to FIRST (In the LAST order, only 50 will be listed).

Also, enter a LIMIT greater than the number of cards in the Pipe (Example: 5000).

With this configuration, Make will automatically paginate and bring all the cards in a given Pipe.

The problem is that you will need to use a module below to capture the other card information (GET A CARD INFO), greatly increasing the volume of activities in Make.

This is the solution via Make:







My suggestion is that you use a cloud platform to extract this data, such as AWS.

If you are interested, I have ready-made codes in Phyton to extract all card data from a certain Pipe and record them in an AWS/S3 database.