Social Media Content Creation and Automated Posts

  • 26 January 2021
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Social Media Content Creation & Post Automation

Who all is using Pipefy for Social Media Content Creation (Specifically Facebook & or Instagram in our case)? I saw the content creation template but it is a bit bare bones. I wondered if anyone would mind sharing their Pipe and how they use it for this? We are starting to have to post more and more for various Facebook pages so it would be nice to better integrate content creation & posting into our Pipefy. 


I did investigate some potential automations via Zapier etc. that might make it possible to automatically post onto Facebook. It seems like it may become a bit of a pain for us because I would have to setup a different automation in Zapier for each Facebook page but the actions with Pipefy are pretty limited (Card Creation, Cards Moved, etc). Any thoughts appreciated! 


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I see two possiblities:


  1. 1. Integration with Zapier/Integromat etc. — at least in Integromat, you can “map” the Facebook-Account and therefore select it based on (a) Pipefy Field(s)
  3. 3. Custom integration: Pipefy’s GraphQL is very nice in that you can easily use custom code and access data in cards, and add Webhooks. This would mean you need some coding skills, but afterwards, you can have the integration as personalized as you want.


EDIT: my other, idea,


  1. ~2. Use E-Mail templates: As far as I know, Facebook still has an “E-Mail to post” feature. You could send E-Mail templates from Pipefy to that Facebook-E-Mail (though there might be downsides, e.g. the Pipefy-Footer in the E-Mail template, that I do not know how it processes them)~


will not work as the feature is not available anymore. There are workarounds, e.g. E-Mail to WordPress which then auto-posts to Facebook, but I guess that makes things even more complicated than the other two ideas.

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@genietim Thank you! Solution 1 seems most agreeable for me since I don’t do custom code (at least not much). It looks like Integromat will be able to do what I want, but I have to figure out Integromat ha and exactly which option for posting an Image & text I will use as my Facebook Pages connection.