✒️ Integration Pipefy -> Docusign

  • 21 September 2022
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✒️  Integration Pipefy -> Docusign
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Hello Pipefy Community,


This week we will share with you the integration of Pipefy with Docusign. This recipe has the purpose of sending a contract that is attached in Pipefy to be signed through Docusign. There is also a recipe for when the contract is signed in docusign, upload it to Pipefy. The recipes contain the following steps:


One-way recipe:

Trigger - When a card is updated in Pipefy


1st Action - Search the card's content

2nd Action - Send the contract through Docusign

3rd Action - Store the Pipefy card ID and contract ID in a workato table



Return recipe:

Trigger - When the contract is finalized in Docusign


1st Action - List the document in Docusign

2nd Action - Download the document

3rd Action - Allocate the file space inside Pipefy

4th Action - Upload the file to the Pipefy server

5th Action - Upload the file in the desired field in Pipefy



Most common use case: Contracts in the sales process, Contract management, Legal department Requests, purchasing process (Supplier Contract), etc.


Click here to access the first recipe in our library. You can clone it to your organization and follow the step-by-step configuration provided in this video.


Click here to access the second recipe. You can clone it to your organization and follow the step-by-step configuration provided in this video.

There are more than 40 recipes shared in English on the Workato Community. Every week we will post a new integration here in the community and we will be able to use this space to exchange information regarding this topic. See ya next week!

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