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  • 2 November 2023
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Hi Pipefy community, I was hoping to get some direction on how to build an application with Python on the developer platform. I have flows running through the api on my own machine, as well as webhooks that call cloud functions because the graphQL and webhook documentation was more than sufficient. But, the developer platform documentation is lacking, and I found it to be no help. Any advice on where to start? Are there any tutorials, topics to learn, or forums that you would recommend that can provide me with some scope on the matter?


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8 replies

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Hello @jorden-monroe , what's up? 


I've already left your question with the technical team, and they'll be able to help you as soon as possible, OK? 


Best regards

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Hello @jorden-monroe;


Because this is a customized integration, we are unable to guide you on how to set up this application. 


As all custom applications and integrations are connected through the API, the documentation is focused on this topic. You can even find some guides on how to make this connection and perform actions through customized integration using the API.


However, there is some documentation put together by users themselves in libraries, posted within the community, which I believe may be valid for your purpose.


Like the one posted in this thread: 


I hope it helps you. :)

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If you pose slightly more specific questions, I might be able to help furhter. I don’t really understand what you mean by “in the developer platform”, for example – are you simply referring to the documentation Pipefy provides, or do you mean a specific tool you use?

In general, to programmatically interact with Pipefy, the easiest way is to use Piepfy’s GraphQL API. You can read any tutorial on GraphQL; the actual API documentation of the GraphQL API provided by Pipefy can be found here:


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Maybe I’m not being clear because I’m a bit confused myself. Interacting with the API as well as using webhooks is not an issue for me at the moment, that stuff I understand. I’m sure I will need help with something of that nature at some point, but right now I’m more interested in this part of the documentation here (pic below)

So here is my question, can I build an application (buttons, card badges, etc.) using python in the same way that is shown in the developer documentation using Javascript and iframes? can I build them using flask? and do I have to use glitch as they did? 


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I see, thanks for the clarifications, @jorden-monroe 


No, the buttons, card badges etc. require JavaScript code, as they are part of a website.

To be technically correct, there are methods using which you could have most of your code in Python, but at least a bit JavaScript will always be required.

No, you don’t have to use glitch; you can host them on any publicly available webserver. That means, you could host them on a Python server, and therewith generate parts of the HTML for the iframe using server-side Python code, rather than client-side JavaScript.

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Thank you @genietim after reading a little more into it that makes perfect sense. Are there any fees to building on top of Pipefy I should worry about? 

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@jorden-monroe yes, there did not used to be, but there are some fees for the API requests indeed. See here:

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Ahh I see, I’ll be weary of that. Thanks