Create labels when updating a field

The idea is that when a field is updated with a certain information, whether it is right or wrong, the tag can be created by automation.

For example, for a providers hiring process, when you fill in the password field with a wrong sequence to approve the budget, the label will automatically appear on the card to inform you that the demand is pending approval.

The label is much more visual by using colors and being evident on the card, identifying the action required easily and facilitating the continuity of the process.

This is probably related to, right?

I noticed a few weeks back that there are actually hacks with the labels field and it syncing with the cards values to achieve this, I believe, but have to check again and will write a post about it if you can.

It would be nice @genietim :)

Ok, here is my proposal:

Please comment there if you have any questions or if I misunderstood your intentions.

@Rodrigo Leite, creation of labels via automation when updating card. All yours! :) 

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