🎙 Meet a Superuser - Lucas Democh

  • 30 June 2023
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🎙 Meet a Superuser - Lucas Democh
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Get to know Lucas Democh, co-CEO at Bowe and Community Super User. In this interview, Democh shares his experience using Pipefy and the results he's been able to achieve.

> Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What are your interests and hobbies? What is your job, and where are you employed?

“My name is Lucas Democh. I'm from Goiás, Brazil, but, currently, I'm a digital nomad and have been traveling the world for almost two years. 

I have a degree in Business Administration and Philosophy, an MBA in Finance, and a postgraduate degree in Philosophy. In addition to the work that pays my bills, I am an ultramarathoner. My biggest achievement in running is having ran a 217 km non-stop race (BR135; the Brazilian version of Badwater). 

When I'm not running, working, or participating in the community, I love to read — especially philosophy and psychology books.

I am currently co-CEO at Bowe and am responsible for the strategic management of the company's operations, as well as all administrative and BI areas.”


> How do you use Pipefy in your work routine?

“I currently approve some requests in Pipefy, but the main impact on my day-to-day is the data that is generated in Pipefy. Today, we have many automated reports that are built based on data extracted from Pipefy.”


> How did you learn to use Pipefy?

"About five years ago, we had a management problem in the purchasing process at the company I worked for, and we selected Pipefy as a tool to organize the process.

Since then, I have deepened my knowledge mainly with practice, and by consuming Pipefy University materials, deploying Pipefy at other companies as a Pipefy partner, and participating in the Community since it was created."


> What were the impacts on your workflow and processes after adopting Pipefy?

“More automated processes. More structured data. More demands within the SLA. SLA reduction. More transparency and assertiveness in processes.

These are some of the results achieved at the companies I’ve worked for and for the clients I helped as a partner.”


> Which Pipefy feature helps you the most in your tasks? Which one do you like the best?

“Automations is the feature I like the most and use the most.”


>  Which of the ideas suggested for the product team is the most useful to you?

“Difficult to choose, but I think that editing tables by cells would be a great leap for humanity. Today, many users end up replicating Pipe tables in spreadsheets to be able to filter and edit more easily.”


> Tell us what it has been like to be a Super User.

“I really like participating in communities. Pipefy is one of my favorites. I believe that I learn a lot by participating, and I also like to contribute and connect with other participants.”


> Anything else you’d like to add?

“Since Pipefy's billing model changed, we've had some complaints about disproportionate cost increases.

As much as this is a big advantage of Pipefy, I believe that Pipefy needs to find a better balance regarding the cost and billing model for packages.”

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