🎙 Meet a Superuser - Marcos Melo

🎙 Meet a Superuser - Marcos Melo
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Today we are launching a new series of posts interviewing our Superusers, which will happen once a month. We will have a chance to get to know more about the members who are engaged and an inspiration to us, learn more about what they do and like, and how Pipefy helps them in their routine.

In this first interview granted by Marcos Melo, Data and Process Manager, and a Community Super User, we got to know a little more about his relationship and experience with Pipefy. 

> Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What are your interests and hobbies? What is your job, and where are you employed?

“My name is Marcos Melo, I'm from São Paulo-SP. I have a degree in Computer Networks and a master’s degree in IT Governance. I am always looking for new knowledge and innovation.

My subjects of interest are technology, innovation, wellness and health, and travel. My hobbies are reading, running, video editing, and music.

I work in Data and Process Management at Cia Tradicional de Comércio, a company that owns successful bars and restaurants like Original, Pirajá, Astor, Subastor, Bráz, Bráz Trattoria, Lanchonete da Cidade and Ici Brasserie. My role in the company is to identify opportunities to improve workflows and propose efficient solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve quality, and drive innovation.”

> How do you use Pipefy in your work routine? 

“I use Pipefy for process management, developing new workflows, and continuously improving existing ones.”

> How did you learn to use Pipefy? 

"I learned to use Pipefy in a tutorial at my company. I understood the basics of the platform, but the bulk of my product knowledge came from my own experimentation and help from Pipefy's support team. The Pipefy Academy courses were also very helpful, along with the community, where I took my knowledge further by discovering new tools that support Pipefy."

> What were the impacts on your workflow and processes after adopting Pipefy?

“It has greatly improved the organization and fluidity of processes, making task execution much faster. For example, task requests sent by email often got lost, which had negative consequences. This was no longer a problem after moving a few of these processes and workflows to Pipefy, where the ability to see data on cards alone added much needed organization.”

> Which Pipefy feature helps you the most in your tasks? Which one do you like the best?

“I particularly like using the automations. Whenever a repetitive task appears, I try to find a solution using the automations that the tool offers. 

In March of 2023, for example, the cloud management company that hosts our ERP suffered a ransomware attack and compromised part of my business’ registrations. We lost two weeks of registrations, but they were recovered in a maximum of 30 minutes because all registrations are requested via Pipefy, which means that the cards are integrated with the ERP. Our teams simply moved the cards back to the Pipefy integration phase, and the rest was taken care of via Pipefy automation and RPA.

Pipefy served as a backup as all the cards contain all the information needed for input into the ERP.”

>  Which of the ideas suggested for the product team is the most useful to you?

“We currently connect Pipefy to PowerBi natively. Using a detailed and centralized report within the tool would be very useful, however. It would help disseminate information per sector, for example, to stakeholders in the company.

It is also very useful to show requesters outside of Pipefy the dashboard summary view of the number of requests a user has opened or which phase a card is in. We get all this information from one dashboard.”

> Tell us what it has been like to be a Super User.

“It has been a fantastic experience. I joined the community in search of solutions and today, as a Super User, I can contribute knowledge to colleagues seeking Pipefy support. It is enriching when we can exchange ideas and improve our Pipefy expertise by sharing  knowledge with other members of the community. 

When I see that someone needs help in the community, I put myself in their place and try to answer their question in as much detail as possible. Community discussions of issues have given me many insights that I can use in my company, as well.”

> Anything else you’d like to add? 

“The autonomy my company has given me over the platform and the support and encouragement of the Pipefy team allowed me to become a Pipefy specialist last year.

I have become a great fan of the tool, and, whenever I have the opportunity, I speak highly of Pipefy and what it provides in my day to day work. My thanks to all of you!”

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To read this interview in Portuguese, click here.

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This is AWESOME!!!! 

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Tks, @Lais Laudari 

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It was nice to know more about you @marcosmelo! Thank you for participating!