New Databases 2.0

  • 17 November 2021
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New Databases 2.0
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Hi community members, howdy?

We've launched our new Databases 2.0 and you can now explore and start taking advantage.


With a redesigned look, the new Databases ensures a faster and more intuitive experience with the new features.


Create new columns with the add (+) button, just like you do to add new phases in a pipe, and use the drag and drop feature to create and manage your databases.


In addition, you can create connected databases and easily identify the reference database through the new visual feature with icons and specific colors, so you don't have to leave your screen and access the settings to find this information.


Also, if you are a Database Administrator, you will be able to choose the members of each Database who will be able to access the data visualization.


Click here and find out all about the new Databases 2.0.

5 replies

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Thanks for sharing, Rodrigo!!! 

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The export function in excel will save many lives. Thanks!

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:scream: Thanks!

Hi. Need help to import data base in excel to pipe. Any language.. portuguese, spanish or english, in this order please and thanks.


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Hi @sigma-larissa, howdy?
Check this article to see if it could help you.

See ya ;)