API - Creating a connection between databases on different cards via API

  • 24 January 2024
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Hi guys, what's up?

I have a question about API's.

I have a Pipefy that has a form where you can fill in various items from a given database. 

I've developed an API, along with Pipefy's available APIs, which would be as follows:

Whenever a card reaches a certain stage, it will create in another Pipefy 1 new card for each database that was registered in the previous Pipe, but in this case I only put the database information on the new card, and in this case I would like to create a connection and go the entire database item and not just a few fields.

Can you help me with this?



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Hello @joao-baitatec ,


In order for you to create cards connected via API, you need to create a connection field in the destination Pipe.


This connection field must point to the Source Pipe (which generated the trigger for creating the child card).


Using the API, you will send the ID of the parent card to fill in the connection field.


The connection field can accept one or more (array) card IDs.


If you want a "double" connection, you can fill in the created card (child) with the ID of the (parent) and then fill in the child's ID in the parent card (also in a connection field).


If you have questions about the relationship between parent and child cards, this article can help you: