ūüíé Pipefy GraphQL API Reference documentation is now updated!

  • 4 February 2022
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ūüíé Pipefy GraphQL API Reference documentation is now updated!
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Hey everyone! 

Pipefy GraphQL API Reference documentation is now updated!

In this new version we fixed some broken links and also all latest mutations, queries or any other changes in our GraphQL API are now available.

This is way of improving even more Pipefy integrations capabilities and deliver better documentation to our customers and developers community.

But it's important to remember that our official documentation page is

This is the home page where developers can have access to other documentation features like code examples, articles about GraphQL and many more.

When it’s necessary a more in depth documentation, then the GraphQL API Reference is the place for it! It's a reference containing all possibilities to work with the Pipefy API explaining the concepts of Card, Pipe, Table, etc. and also available fields, required fields and their data types.

We hope you like it and feel free to give us feedbacks and ideas. 

2 replies

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Can you please update the documentation to show the allCards module can only be filtered (advancedSearch) by created_at and due_date fields? Right now it does not mention this limitation, which is frustrating for users trying to understand what is wrong with the query syntax.

Adding code examples and results would also be helpful. 

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hey @Grafeno sorry about that and thanks for the feedback. 

we’ll provide a better description for this mutation and its’ fields. 

as soon as we update it, I let you know here, ok?