How can I create and share Templates to clients?

  • 29 September 2023
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I'd like to know how to create and share with my clients full proccess pipes and databases, so they can jump start their business with little effort.


Best answer by Lucas Democh 2 October 2023, 17:23

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Hi @andrey-aires-voiicr , how are you?


in this link, you can find lots of templates to show to your clients! 

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Hey, @lucas-lacerda-pipefy. Thanks for sharing. 

Actually the question is if I can share some templates created by my company with new accounts created by my clients?

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@andrey-aires-voiicr yes, it’s possible.


If your customer is also a Pipefy customer, they first need to add you to their organization.


You will then follow the steps below:


Edit Pipe > Pipe Settings > Clone this Pipe > Select the Organization to Clone the Pipe


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