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Hi, I want to send out a document to external requesters once the process is over. Ideally, I would like to add information I collected across different stages of my process on a customizable template. 


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Hey Peter, how are you doing?

With the PDF Generator, you can use the dynamic content to get the answers from the fields throughout the phases. You can also create multiple PDF templates to be used depending on each case. Let us know if you have more specific questions :)

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@Ana Gomes I wonder if we would have the opportunity to add dynamic fields related to database connection and other pipes. :blush:

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Hey @rebeca.venancio , we can’t currently use information from connection fields in the PDF generator, but that improvement is certainly in our product team’s radar.

You can access the product feedback area of our community to suggest that improvement there as well!

Within our current possibilities we suggest that you create fields in the pipe that are filled with the data from the record using an automation, that way it can be used in the PDF generator.

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Thanks, @belsalemme for the answer! I will submit the sugestion in the product feedback area! :grin:

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This is good pdf is important thing in every situation while sending docs


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@rebeca.venancio you can duplicate the fields and fill out them by automation. Then this new field can collect this information across phases.

Example. You create a new field Name2. Them automation put the content of Name in Name2. Template e-mail get the content of Name2.

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