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Hi there!

I would like to share my experience with the search functionality in Pipefy. Recently, I have been facing difficulty in searching for text in any field of my databases. It seems that the search feature has been limited to only searching within the title field.

As someone who relies heavily on the search function to quickly locate specific information in my databases, this has caused a lot of inconvenience for me. I have tried various methods to work around this issue, but none of them have been successful.

I believe that it should be possible to search for text in all fields of the databases, and I would appreciate it if Pipefy could provide a solution to this problem. It would greatly improve my experience with the platform and save me a lot of time and effort.

I am reaching out to the Pipefy community to see if anyone else has faced a similar issue with the search functionality. If you have any suggestions or workarounds that you have found to be helpful, please do share them with me.

Thank you for your time and support.

Best regards,
A concerned Pipefy user


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Hi @ramongb 
I use manual concatenation in the title. In this way, I add the most relevant fields for the search.


This is a workaround


See an example. I have a database that contains two records



when I use the filter with the fields that I defined in the title, the record is shown.



but remember, this is a manual alternative and must be done when registering or using the api

Good Luck


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Exactly, I also do the concatenation using Make (Integromat), or, more recently, using a custom PHP script. When automated like this, it is no hassle of manual work. Still, it would be nice if Pipefy could simplify that, I imagine many people want this.

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I agree, it would be great if Pipefy implemented the ability to search all fields in a database. I vote to move this up in the feature/future request list. Along the same lines, if there was a way to speed up the search within the database that would be great