Using Card Checklist as Steps of Task: Creation + Checking via Automation or API

  • 22 May 2022
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Card Checklists are useful for procedure steps to complete. They are sort of like sub-tasks you see in other tools like Asana, Monday etc. etc.

When the sub-tasks are different to each card, it’s not appropriate to use the Phase Checklist.

To make the most of them I’m trying to:

  1. Set controls so that all card checklist items need to be checked to move to a new phase
  2. Automate card checklist creation (either via automation, API, workato etc.)

Would appreciate any experience shares or ideas on how to do this. thanks.


Best answer by Lucas Democh 26 May 2022, 14:38

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Hello @Keto-Faster


For this type of situation where actions can vary, you can act in two ways:

1) Few Variations: Create two or more checklists and use conditionals so that the correct checklist is applied to the card.

2) Use two connected pipes, where one of the pipes will have the Parent pipes and the other the children, which will be the checklist items.

This second way can be used in several more complex situations, such as:

  • Management of complex tasks checklist;
  •  Subtask management;
  • Purchase order items management.
  • Several other applications.

Best Regards.