Formula Fields

New Field type that will allow users to create formulas and automatically calculate results using information available inside other fields.

I’ve asked about this for YEARS! It’s the only thing that has stopped me from transitioning from Podio...PLEASE implement this feature!

Man, I've been asking this for years too, since we started. :joy:

Formulas has been in our radar since our MVP and we know it would be really powerful.

We're expecting to double down on finance use cases (requests, reimbursements & etc) and in order to provide a good experience, formula is a table stakes. That's in our radar already and hopefully - its a forecast - we'll be able ship it somewhere between Q3 and Q4.


We're waiting for this feature too! A lot of more uses for Pipefy in our company with formula fields! :muscle_tone1:

Please do it! While it does not exist, is  there any other way to work this around? Using databases?

Please also allow text manipulation in formula fields (not just numbers).

For example, have a field for a first name, a field for a last name, and dynamically create First + Last and display as the card title.

We currently put the name in a text field, but it doesn’t work well with other integrations that we use Pipefy’s API for.

Where did “Formula fields” go in ? They were there, now they are not. Please do not tell me that you gave up on this idea!

Same here! I do not see “formula fields”! What happened! :( 

Hello @genietim @valerie-bouchard and all. 

Do not worry! The Formula Fields is still in our backlog, for sure (cc: @fernando-scarduelli and @mateus-ambros)! =D 

Unfortunately the public road map in that link ( is not up-to-date and it is not reflecting all of the reality. We, the Pipefy product managers, intend to revamp that public road map and restart using it more frequently. So sorry for any confusion till then.



Giovanni Basso

Product Manager @ Pipefy 

Thank you for the update @Giovanni Basso , but maybe you have some estimated date for the release of that feature in particular?

@NicolasSchmitt Hi there!
We'll probably get back to drafting an initial version of this feature by mid August, and we could include you as a beta tester during the development. How does that sound?


Fernando, from Product.

Perfect @fernando-scarduelli , thank you for the estimated time, and sure, we would be happy to be beta-testers of that feature!

@fernando-scarduelli include me too as a beta tester! :)

Sure thing @Elias Santos!

Hi guys - any update on this please?

hi guys any update about this? i really wanna to use this function!

This is probably the biggest weakness of Pipefy. All competing platforms have calculated fields. Very surprised it hasn’t been built/ or prioritized for a sprint yet.

2023 and still waiting

It would be a dream!

Eternal requesting!

Eternal no matters!


It’s all cries into the void!

And the void does not answer...

Adding a voice to the cacophony - this should be pipefy’s #1 focus.

I see other features getting released or new templates added that don’t add anything compared to this (I don’t use them). I’m sure… everyone would use this. 

We really need this.

Where is this on the roadmap?

Being totally pragmatic, I've been talking about this resource since 2018. We even have the great opportunity to create a type of action in automations, not necessarily a native field with formulas, but in the concept of functions.

#no/low code

We have an excellent benchmark that has great usability and range of solutions.

I’m adding this comment so that I can see any possible updates

This will help a lot!