Pipe Categories

Hi all,


I am “a little bit” organized and I would love if I could organize my pipes in categories, because I believe it  would be very usefull for users and organizations with many pipes.

For example, it could be something very similar with “my pipes” and “other pipes” that already exists.


Hi, Ricardo! 


It would be very useful, indeed. 

Recently, the Pipefy released the Portals features, where you can organize and group your pipes by categories and share the access to the stakeholders, even external by a public URL.

Maybe you can use it while the feature to solve your (and my problem) isn't released.

They shared details of this new feature here: https://www.pipefy.com/features/portals/?_ga=2.223680795.1214898420.1591614347-568791863.1588851309


I hope this helps you. (:

@Ricardo Palhares Thank you for your feedback. How would you suggest us building this? Could you share more examples with me please? 

@Raphael Costa 

I was a programmer when dinosaurs were still alive kkkk, so I am sorry if my suggestion seems a little bit simplistic. 

I have imagined 3 new functions based on current Pipefy design, because on my mind it could be easier than another solution 🤨


1 - Category settings on setting menu (see picture below)

Category Settings Menu

So, the user could inform a list of categories like you have in the  “Select” field in forms settings

2 - Pipe category selection field on pipe settings (see picture below)

3 - A home screen organized by categories like you already have with "My pipes" and "Other Pipes" (see picture below)


Please, let me know if I was clear enought and feel free to contact me back if you need.

Have a nice weekend! 



I loved the idea!!! Very useful!

Agreed with this feature. Only tweak would be a simpler UI / way to configure it: similar to the “add new pipe” option add a “add new category” option below other pipes and then just drag & drop pipes there. Then you can make the categories easily re-orderable too. 

Simple folders could even be enough for a cleaner homepage look (think mobile phone home screens)

@Ricardo Palhares Thank you for the additional information that is very helpful!

I like the design proposed above with the ability to toggle each category, opening and closing the new pipes in the category.

I would like a way to distinguish between active/live pipes and ones that are being built.  Active or live pipes could have a different color background from ones that are not live.


Hey Pipefy Team, please make this happen.