Record Level Permissions

Situation: Currently there is only pipe or database level permissions. This means in many cases you have to split out what could be one pipe or database into many if you want access permissions. It quickly becomes disorganized and harder to use.

Idea: Add “Access Permissions” by an assignment field in records on pipes and databases.

This seems to be a simple solution that would:

A) introduce flexible security that would work with many different scenarios that different users of pipefy (companies)

  1. Keeps the security coherent with current set up of Pipefy (so limits development work)

I may be missing implications here - but I know in our case this would be a gamechanger functionality that would simplify and reduce work and provide much better security for our company.

This is a related thread on this:


Playing around with Pipe permissions I found this user setting  - perhaps there is a way to use this for Record Level permissions - investigating. Would appreciate any clarifications on this permission set.



Hi @Keto-Faster we are currently improving permissions, I'll submit your idea and share your feedback internally😊

Thank you! 

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