Cutest Pets Picture Contest

Cutest Pets Picture Contest
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Do you believe your pet has that certain “star quality”? :star:

This month's contest is for you! I mean… it is for your pet! 


We want to invite you to share with the Pipefy Community: If you could bring any of your pets to the office which one would you bring? 


Post  a cool picture showing your dog, cat, parrot, goat, chinchilla, bird, horse, hamster, you name it, we’ve got it -  and tell us why you had chosen him/her. :heart_eyes::camera:


  :ballot_box:The three most voted (and fluffy) pet’s photo will receive a surprise gift! 


🗓️ You can post your picture until August 28th! The result will be announced on August 31st.


:checkered_flag:Start your engines, community members and may the best pet win! 🐕🐹🦎🐦🐇

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Vitoria became part of our family one month ago, after having been left by two different families. Now she is the owner of our house and hearts!

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@Jefferson Dourado She looks very happy! And relaxed! :heart_eyes: