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  • 24 August 2021
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Hello everyone! Bom dia!


I’ve been using Pipefy for a year now. It’s been amazing to see the tool grow and improve, continuing to get better and better. 


I’ve learned a lot over the last year and I bet you all have too in the time you’ve been using Pipefy.


My question for you is: what’s something you’ve learned to do in Pipefy (a feature or trick) that you didn’t know when you first started using the tool? Something awesome that others might not be aware of.


I’ll go first: I recently learned that you can sort the cards in any phase by clicking on the … of that phase in the Kanban view and choosing “Sort phase’s cards”. It’s very helpful!



What are your favourite features that others might have missed?


6 replies

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How incredible, Sarah!! 

I loved it. 

Take a look, @genietim  @ivan.novofoco @Ezequiel Souza @rebeca.venancio @tsartori @Lucas Democh 

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Good question! (Note, btw., that the sorting of phase’s cards can only be used by admin users, I believe, but it is persisted.)

I guess there is quite a number of things that I just discovered sometime that might have been missed by other users:

  • since recently (I believe), the “filter cards” option (see first image below) supports search not only over the card title, but all fields
  • (the filter options in general are something I had to show to my users as they did not discover it themselves; even though now e.g. the filter by assignee is used quite a lot)
  • the summation/average/min/max formulas in the reports are an awesome feature that is much too hidden. The result may even be made visible on the “tile” of the report!
  • phase descriptions got a bit lost in the new update (more clicks necessary than before, I believe, to change), but I still need to change them from time to time
  • you can use HTML in e.g. long-text Fields, which you can then include in the E-Mail template → you get the formatting of the text field in the template
  • you can use Markdown in your field description and labels (I know, you had to experience this the painful way, @Sarah Lane)
  • you can use both due dates and per-phase-SLAs together to craft quite intricate time-dependent automations
  • there is both an API for crafting your own Pipefy Apps (e.g. add custom buttons, see second image below) as well as one for crafting custom integrations (the GraphQL API)
  • Pipefy internally uses a more advanced GraphQL API that is publicly accessible too — just inspect the requests in your browser and replicate them in your app

Tell me if you need more details on one of those.

Searching/Filtering shows also results based on the field values.
Sorry for all the censoring, but: two custom buttons thanks to a custom Pipefy app.


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Hi, thank you Ju for tagging me, thank you Sarah for the awsome idea to start this theread. But IDK what I can teach, but I use a lot the automations 😁. So if any of you needs help with it just text.

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Hello @Sarah Lane 

I've been using Pipefy for +3 years and I'm still learning. Not long ago, I saw a tip here in the community that I applied to all my projects:

Put a number at the beginning of the Pipe name to identify which area that Pipe serves. Thus, the Pipes are all ordered. In the example below, I also use colors to separate.


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Great tips everyone! Thank you for sharing!


I didn’t know about all those filter options @genietim ! Very helpful!


And the numbering idea for someone using a lot of pipes is also smart @Lucas Democh !


With automations, @tsartori , I’ve really loved the feature that lets you sort your automations based on which pipe they’re attached to. I don’t think that was available when I first started using Pipefy and I use it all the time now.​

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Another trick I think is very difficult to discover: the relative dates in automations. It has at least an article though: