How to integrate a search function within a form

  • 13 June 2022
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I am just new in pipefy and I am trying to build a process for Determining Winners from a competition. Is there a way to ingrate a ‘Search Function’ within a form? If a contestant won, I want to have a ‘search function’ so we can just search the name from the database and mark that contestant as winner.

Please help.


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In this case you will need to associate Pipefy with another tool, because it is not possible to perform numerical operations or search functions in Pipefy.

An interesting way to build this process would be through the Make Integrator associated with a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. You can transpose the data into this worksheet and sort from highest to lowest, for example, and then return the row with the highest number.

Good luck!

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As I understand it, a “Database Connection” field should actually fulfill your requirement: simply searching the database to attach the entry to the card is perfectly supported.

I imagine your process to include this pipe, “Competitions”, and a database “People”, and then in the competition pipe you have the field “Winner”, which is said database connection field, where you simply select your winner by searching… note that the people database would be set up to have as a title whatever you want to search for.

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Thank you for this, Genietim. We actually have around 10 competitions per week and each competitions has around 500-1000 joiners. Each competition has around 10-20 winners. I am thinking of how to include a search box / search function because we have to search each winner from the database of people who joined the competition and verify if they encoded complete and accurate prize delivery address, if the encoded name matched the name in the uploaded Identification card and other conditions, before moving to the next phase which is the 'Final List of Winners'.

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The winner should be tagged as 'Verified’ order to be included in another database (Winners Database)

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Hm. Thanks for your answer. It opens rather more questions, such as

  • How do you associate “joiners” with a certain competition? Do you create one pipe per competition, and the competitors have a public form to enter themselves? In that case, I would rest my case.
  • How do you choose the winner?
  • What is it that you would want to search for?

Until now, I thought you had one pipe, where each card is a competition. Another pipe is the competitors, they create their card using a public form. If they are verified, you put them in a competitors database. And then, when the competition is over, you select the winning competitiors on the connected database field, move the competition card to “done”, or something, automatically sending E-Mails to the winning competitors, etc...