Exceptional for your employees, efficient for your HR

  • 5 October 2023
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Exceptional for your employees, efficient for your HR
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  • Recruitment & Hiring: Build a more efficient recruiting process and optimize your communication with candidates.


  • Hiring Process: Reuse data collected in the recruitment process and integrate it with Docsign to simplify the admission of your new employees.


  • Onboarding: Intrigue new team members from the beginning, ensure they quickly integrate into the organizational culture, and understand their main responsibilities.

Connect your HR process with other tools to unify your operation, and don’t miss any important information.


Pipefy connects with many other systems, applications, and databases through native integrations, connectors, or public API. It also offers customizable integrations.


See the most common HR integrations below:

🔐The Pipefy compliance team ensures that LGPD and GDPR are strictly followed and users' data is secure.

Deep dive into possibilities:
👉🏼Pipefy for HR: How to automate email communication with candidates

👉🏼Pipefy for HR: How to automate candidate selection and speed up hiring

6 replies

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Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about Exceptional for your employees, efficient for your HR. 


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Hi, I have a question, Can I upload information about all employees in bulk to a database or should I do it one by one?


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Hi @sistemas-lehit!

Its possible to upload it in bulk through the Importer App. These articles below should help you😉

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Hi @johnsonsellen!
It's good to know that you like this kind of content!
You can find lots of great articles for HR here:

I hope you enjoy!😀